Article de Mon Viti sur les innovations en traitements phyto

Mon Viti article on innovations in phyto treatments

Oceania Environment is located in Alsace, in the middle of the vineyards (how lucky!)
A biodynamic domain is in front and therefore every day we admire the work that the winegrowers do to keep the vines healthy!!!! (by the way, he's one of our clients: DOMAINE DE TRIMBACH in Ribeauvillé in ALSACE).
So we share this interesting article on a hot topic for our winegrower customers who, despite what they say, are much more virtuous than we are told!!!
"Phytopharmaceutical treatments for the vine" available here:
(and for high-performance equipment for the preparation of mixtures, the filling of sprayers, the management of washing effluents from your sprayers, it's here:
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