Comment évaluer le rapport qualité-prix  de l’EPI ?

How to assess the value for money of PPE?

You will determine the effectiveness of personal protective equipment based on:

  • exposure time;
  • the concentration of the initial atmosphere;
  • contact time;
  • the durability of the PPE and its vulnerability to climatic conditions;
  • its maintenance, the management of its consumables, expiry dates;
  • its appropriate use (training, awareness, hygiene, etc.);
  • its adaptation to the morphology of the users…

Attention, also keep in mind that each personal protective equipment is specific to a product or a family of products in particular conditions of use and can be totally ineffective in other conditions.

You will determine whether the area of ​​use of the PPE corresponds to your actual situation.

Here you will need to assess:

  • if there is a combination of several chemicals on the same workstation;
  • whether frequent changing of PPE during the same task is feasible, realistic;
  • whether the PPE is suitable for all the products likely to be present during the task to be performed;
  • whether the wearing of PPE is suitable for the task to be performed;
  • if the time of its implementation is in line with the task to be performed, what are the impacts to be expected on the manufacturing process?

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Finally, you will evaluate the costs of PPE:

  • purchase and their renewals;
  • for maintenance operations, periodic regulatory checks to be planned;
  • for periodic training to be provided to staff;
  • for waste disposal when single-use or disposable.

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