ENVIRONMENT-WATER: Very interesting initiative: will paying virtuous users be more effective than punishing faulty or negligent ones? ...

When we see in the field the gap between the environmental discourse displayed and the reality of practices: an anthology of what I hear and see in the field every day for the management of phyto effluents:

- "I have an undersized effluent treatment system but it doesn't matter if I have too many - I reject them - and on paper I am up to standard",

- "I have a storage room for my phytopharmaceutical products that is very poorly ventilated and with wooden beams everywhere, but when it comes to the check, it's gone",

- "I have a washing area with the hydrocarbon separator in the wrong place, but no problem, at the checkpoint, they didn't tell me anything",

- "I have a system that is overflowing and visibly misused, but don't worry, on paper, I have it"...

- "I adhere to a collective filling washing area, but I do the filling at home early in the morning (what about in the event of a pb?) and for washing, there are too many people, it's too far.. .but don't worry, on paper, I agree! and in any case the discharge of these effluents to the plot is always authorized "

And yes respect for the environment costs a lot, is little subsidized on an individual basis and does not bring anything, except to be quiet... that's why I find this initiative very very interesting: rewarding rather than punishing!

For those who want advice for the discharge of their effluents, water management, development of the farm and epi, to equip themselves at a lower price (we work live) and to be up to standard, contact us: https: //

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