La gestion de vos effluents phytopharmaceutiques,  est une contrainte lourde à respecter pour vous ?

Is the management of your plant protection effluent a heavy constraint for you to respect?

Is the management of your plant protection effluent a heavy constraint for you to respect?

Possible compliance checks for the management of plant protection effluents relate to a certain number of mandatory points that are often overlooked.

You are looking for an economical, standardized and efficient solution: choose

- or our Pack R (flexible retention area - phyto-pump effluent management) for less than €4,000

- or a Heliosec

- or an individual concreted area with all the equipment.

Individual washing area - concreted or with flexible area - with effluent management by PACK R or HELIOSEC

ex in video one of our latest creations


Advice and equipment for washing stations: equipment, public works machinery, road or rail transport, light vehicles, sprayers and grape harvesters)

-with standard or custom accessories: jibs, screens, separators,

sludge collectors, volume meters, management of phytopharmaceutical effluents (Phytogest or heliosec) and hydrocarbons, viticulture, wineries, cellars, breweries, etc.

For all types of needs

- mobile, simple, reliable and economical whatever the weather conditions: Pack r: flexible retention area with pump and Phytogest (dehydration by forced ventilation: less than 4000 euros - different options and dimensions) - compatible with all other effluent management systems... Heliosec ,...) adaptable to your tanks, Ibc (Grv) that you can recover.

- individual concreted area (or collective)

Free diagnosis of your needs and your existing situation, by telephone or on site - then depending on:

- the specific regulations applicable to your activity,

- the specifications of any environmental certifications that you wish or must obtain

- your existing one (land, equipment)

- your human, technical and financial resources

We can offer you a tailor-made solution adapted to your budget .


We offer washing and/or filling areas with or without dedicated effluent management: different formulas, studies and detailed plans or/and supply of equipment

(washing/filling boom, volume meter, hydrocarbon separator, screen, sludge remover/oil remover, buffer tanks, pumps, high pressure cleaner, effluent management ( Phytogest, Heliosec) , can rinsers, draining shelves for cans, mixers for preparing phyto porridges, eye rinses, premises, cupboards, phyto changing rooms, absorption retention devices, adapted PPE (personal protective equipment)....

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