NEWSLETTER Oceania Environment JUIN 2023 : 3 nouveautés avant de plonger dans l'été !

NEWSLETTER Oceania Environment: 3 new features before diving into summer!


Oceania Environment - what's new before we dive into summer? 3 refreshing novelties!

  1. New : so that more customers can access our products! Neu: deutsche Seite - & New: English website!
  2. New : Because in France for example, only 1% of the water is stored against 8 to 10% in Spain or Italy! # WATER MANAGEMENT : Storage, filtration, various equipment for wastewater recycling and reuse .
  3. New : Because more and more customers want/need to keep their customers improving their environmental approach: MANAGEMENT #EFFLUENTS : effluent #hydrocarbons Or #fats food, #phytopharmaceuticals , #wineries , #wineries , of #brewery : resulting from handling, transfer or filling ( #pollutions accidental liquids such as milk or wine or diesel), washing #sprayers , machines, harvesting machines, food or industrial processing (brewery, production).

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