Nouvelle redevance eau potable PLF 2024 : la réforme des redevances des agences de l'eau prend forme

New PLF 2024 drinking water fee: the reform of water agency fees is taking shape

Extract :

“Emmanuel PICHON, Head of a wastewater depollution monitoring service, announced a few days ago on Linkedin the definition of a new AEP fee.

"After 3 years of work by the GT that I was able to lead, I am pleased to announce that the new Drinking Water Performance fee has been integrated into the 2024 finance bill (article 16, page 129, § 3 bis ), after numerous consultations with stakeholders.

The amount of the fee will be the product of:

The fee base = volume of water billed to domestic and industrial subscribers using the community's drinking water.

The annual royalty rate (=tariff) determined by the basin committee, capped at €0.50."

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