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The fire reserve is the safest way to ensure the safety of your property and people


Installation of a fire tank, a legal obligation (extracted from

"Reformed by the decree of February 27, 2015 , fire protection establishes the rules relating to the presence of fire water points on French territory . The aim is to allow firefighters to have a sufficient volume of water in the event of a disaster .

Its installation represents an obligation in the context of compliance with fire standards ."

 "Like fire hydrants and hydrants, fire tanks provide an adequate response to water needs in the event of fires. Mainly used on industrial sites, they exist in several models each with unique characteristics. What Whatever the model, a fire tank must comply with the provisions of external fire protection (DECI). According to this standard, a fire tank must have certain constructive qualities as well as a minimum and maximum capacity. This standard also regulates the tank connection and operating devices as well as the installation rules. So, what do you need to know about the fire tank."


Questions answers :

Water storage: Can your rainwater harvesting equipment be checked?

  • A technical agent from your town hall's drinking water network can check your equipment.
  • If the agent detects an anomaly presenting a risk of contamination of the public drinking water distribution network, he will ask you to make improvements to your installation. If you refuse to carry out these measures, the mayor may request the closure of your equipment, possibly with the use of law enforcement.
  • In addition, in the event of contamination of the public drinking water distribution network, you risk 3 years of imprisonment and €45,000 fine.


Fire reserve: regulations

(article from:

  • "for communities

The responsibilities of the mayor in his command territory in terms of prevention against the danger of fires are quite important. The mayor must ensure the safety of his constituents. In this scenario, the precautionary measures are not only limited to a particular building, but to all property and people throughout its territory.

What do the regulations provide for local authorities in terms of fire safety?

  • The obligations of local authorities for fire safety

A fire in a house, in a forest or in a market is a huge loss for the entire municipality. Local authorities therefore have a duty to take precautions to limit damage in the event of a fire.

  • Strategies to put in place

It is up to the municipality, under the authority of the mayor, to prevent the risk.

Based on knowledge of the risk in the municipality, the mayor implements preventive measures to manage the territory, manage the crisis and inform the population.

The mayor may be held responsible for the absence or insufficiency of preventive measures, either in the context of general police activities or in matters of town planning.

  • In community markets

The mayor and his entire team must ensure the installation of a fire reserve in a strategic location in the market.

This tank will be able to contain a really large quantity of water reserve. It is common sense to install several water tanks with a rainwater collection system.

He must ensure the quality of electrical installations in various boutiques and stores in the market in question.

Very often, fires are started due to improper connections or incorrect handling of certain controls.

Raising awareness of these scenarios is the responsibility of the town hall.

  • In residential houses

The town hall must ensure that fire safety rules are included in the building permit issued to individuals.

Homes must have reserves well installed in a strategic location in the house to facilitate interventions.

Fire extinguishers in each house and a water reserve are an effective strategy against fires.

  • In the surroundings and forests

The town hall must ensure an atmosphere free of garbage, tall grass and easily flammable substances which are exposed without any supervision.

A single lit piece of cigarette thrown in the wrong place can cause significant damage.

In the forest, it is difficult to fight bush fires.

A water point or points in the form of a borehole can be installed, but the most strategic thing is to raise awareness among the population about the dangers of these fires in our forests.

  • Project management of equipment

Concerning the project management of the equipment (tanks, tracks, fuel cuts), the municipality has no obligation; unless the municipality is required to put in place a certain number of preventive measures aimed at facilitating evacuation or emergency intervention (fire hydrants, access, interface fuel cuts, etc.) in areas classified as “blue B1” (= fairly high danger zone) in order to be able to carry out urbanization there.

  • The Forest Protection Plan against Fires (PRPFCI or PDPFCI), established by the prefect, defines the actions to be carried out for the management and improvement of prevention and control systems. The opinion of the municipality is required during the consultation phase of local authorities at the end of the development of the plan, and it is advisable to involve elected officials in the steering committee for drafting the plan. "


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