Aire de lavage de VTT VELOS CYCLES BMX - la parole aux utilisateurs

MTB washing area BIKES CYCLES BMX - users have their say

Discover our fixed or mobile washing areas for mountain bikes, bicycles and more.

Its innovative design offers a practical and durable solution for cleaning and maintaining your cycle.
A solution for keeping your cycle clean and performing well.
Wash your mountain bikes, bicycles etc. on an occasional or permanent basis on a soft surface - to be placed on hard, flat, uneven ground - by recovering

Respect the natural environment and save water!

It is our customers who speak best about the products designed for them at their request:
Wash your mountain bikes, cycles, bicycles etc. at home or at the venue of your competitions… while respecting the environment: collect the waste and recycle the water!
  • the fats present on the chains,
  • Mes (suspended solids on disc brakes)
  • and the sludge
  • and by recycling your washing water for rewashing once filtered

"There is a real need for washing stations, fixed or mobile, in large mountain bike gatherings such as competitions (FFC or private like the Lozérien VTT) or organized hikes with hundreds of bikes that need to be cleaned on a slot of an hour or two."
“And even on FFC-labeled sites where people don’t necessarily want to drive 1 hour to get home with a filthy bike on the bike rack of the car or, worse, the trunk of the van.”
“there are quite a few stores in urban areas that use this”
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