A SIMPLE and economical SPRAYER washing area for bringing winegrowers-farmers-green spaces-communities-golf courses up to environmental standards .

Observation: for 1 to 2 sprayers, opting for a concrete area is still too restrictive.

In 2020, a number of farms (wine-growing, agricultural, green spaces, communities, golf courses, etc.) should quickly bring the management of their phytopharmaceutical effluents into compliance with a treatment that is more respectful of the environment.

The option of a concrete area still presents many obstacles compared to rejection on the plot: often dissuasive cost (from around €15,000 to €50,000), work overload (assembly of the file, works, maintenance), congestion.

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However, the majority wish to anticipate foreseeable controls (Draaf, Water Police) relating to compliance with the latest legislative texts: law n° 2006-1772 (of December 30, 2006 on water and aquatic environments) and order of May 4 2017 on the use of plant protection products referred to in Article L. 253.-1 of the Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code - Consolidated version of December 3, 2019).

Others, although clearly within the framework of a voluntary approach (HVE (High Environmental Value), conversion to organic or sustainable farming, other certifications (TerraVitis®, Agriconfiance®, Vignerons engage® etc.), ultimately come up against to the same obstacles of cost and complexity of implementation.

the “pack r ®: simple, efficient, maintenance-free, compact and removable.

This " Pack R ® " consists of a very resistant flexible area, removable that can be simply installed on clean, hard ground (with hinged brackets and reinforced treads for the passage of machinery), a pump (protected by a grid that filters plants, to be placed in the cover) and connected to a Phytogere.

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The Phytogere is a process of forced dehydration by ventilation which will allow the recovery of phytopharmaceutical effluents with each washing of the sprayer and its dehydration (at the end of the treatment season the bag inside the device must be returned to ADIVALOR® via your usual partner.)

This simple, compact and reliable device can easily be stored on a pallet once the treatment season is over).

Benefit for the operator: economy-efficiency-simplicity

The customer benefit is significant compared to a concrete washing area (€15,0000 to €50,000), equipped with at least flow management ((hydrocarbons and effluents phytopharmaceuticals) towards more or less effective storage or degradation depending on their design and climatic conditions – which ultimately causes additional work for the operator (surveillance, maintenance).

The Phytogère does not require any additional work: it suffices to leave it plugged in for the duration of the dehydration of the effluents.

Prices and availability in metropolitan France

This Pack R® includes: 1 flexible area 3x2m, (other dimensions possible - contact us), 1 pump with grid, 1 Phytogere.

It is available on our site at the price of 3770€ HT.

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