Quelles sont les exigences et les conditions pour ouvrir une station de lavage ?

What are the requirements and conditions for opening a car wash?

Oceania Environment has recently equipped many customers who are starting to open a washing station, particularly a detailing station.

Characteristics of these clients: they are often young, demanding for their profession and also for ecology and have a start-up budget.

We design original and innovative washing skids/packs which allow the recovery of washing water for rewashing.

(“Auto detailing is a complete process broken down into several stages allowing you to wash, renovate and protect a vehicle, whether for a vehicle costing €20,000 or €200,000. Unlike a classic wash, also called valeting, auto detailing makes your vehicle look like new, or even better! It requires several hours of work from simple maintenance to complete interior and exterior renovation.")

We are sharing this article with you which gives you some advice before getting started.


All our advice is free and our innovative, simple, reliable and economical equipment (oil/grease separators, screens, jibs, etc.) and options (water recycling for savings - rewashing, etc.) are on hand . our site !

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