Rappel : alarmes sur séparateurs d'hydrocarbures

Reminder: alarms on hydrocarbon separators

Protect your business with the mandatory hydrocarbon separator alarm compliant with the AFNOR standard.

  • Avoid pollution risks and fines by using this professional safety equipment.
  • Preserve the environment and your reputation by using a superior quality product that complies with current standards.

Reminder :

  • The hydrocarbon separator allows the pretreatment of industrial water loaded with hydrocarbons and oils.
  • The installation of a hydrocarbon separator is mandatory in certain cases.
  • A hydrocarbon separator is intended to trap hydrocarbons suspended in wastewater.
  • It contains a sludge trap part, which allows heavy materials to be decanted (mud, sand, etc.)

According to standard NF EN 858-1 § 6.5.4: ''Separation installations must be equipped with an automatic alarm device... ''They make it possible to detect a level of hydrocarbons and/or sludge in the separator .

(regulation reminder: Afnor standard HERE)

The alarm system helps minimize operating costs by spacing out drains as much as possible (the drain is only started when the alarm goes off).

A second major reason for the benefit of alarms is the cost of restoring equipment and the environment if emptying is not carried out at the right time and if the trapped hydrocarbon overflows from its tank.

Link to the product: for the maintenance of your HYDROCARBON SEPARATOR, it is strongly recommended to associate it with an alarm which will indicate that a maintenance operation is to be carried out.

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