Collection: Storage of dangerous-special-chemical-fuel-gnr products

Tanks for the storage of special and various chemical products (Gnr-fuel-oil, various corrosive effluents), dangerous - for guaranteed safety.

  • For all environments, including severe ones: proximity to water tables, shifting, seismic, loose terrain, with settlement effect, to support the weight of very heavy roads
  • Faulty storage can have serious consequences: dangerous chemical reactions, significant release of harmful products, even explosions or fires, poisoning, falls on the same level, injuries, etc.

Many parameters play a role in storage security:

  • The quantity of products stored;
  • The presence of volatile, flammable or incompatible products with each other or with the materials present;
  • ventilation ;
  • Securing the tanks;
  • the stability of products and tanks to temperature variations, radiation, etc.

OCEANIA ENVIRONMENT offers different product storage situations:

To make a quote we need:

  • The SDS (safety sheet for the product to be stored)
  • Storage conditions (aerial or buried?)
  • Volume to store
  • Desired filling, transfer and emptying-pumping mode (with diameters in DN)
  • Desired positions of the drain-fill valves?
  • Optional: leak indicator - level detector

 Other equipment-accessories-dimensions-options and possible custom models-contact us.

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