Newsletter Oceania Environment - mai 2024 : nouvelle gamme recyclage eau

Oceania Environment Newsletter - May 2024: new water recycling range


Oceania Environment is launching a new range of simple, compact, mobile and economical water and effluent management products - recycling-filtration-reuse of washing effluent.

Control your water resources and comply with the standards applicable to your activity: filter the water before discharge to the network to reduce treatment costs and reuse it for rewashing or other uses according to regulations.

    • Free analyzes of your effluent to determine the necessary device are possible
    • Possibility of issuing a potability certificate if required.
    • Discover our equipment: Collector sight with screen-sludger for coarse waste (mud, earth, plants, wood) and effective elimination of impurities using flocculation and filtration processes (UV-Ultraviolet) using a specialized material .
  • Our water recycling and filtration technology provides effective removal of impurities using flocculation and filtration processes using specialist material.

Recover your machine washing water (not from sprayers - these must be treated and are not reusable)
  • After passing through a sludge trap and a hydrocarbon separator (and other filters if necessary) your water is reusable for rewashing
  • we can have your water analyzed and provide a certificate of conformity annually

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