CHANTIERS TP : comment nettoyer vos engins à budget serré ?

Construction sites: how to clean your machines on a tight budget?

New in OCEANIA ENVIRONMENT: clean the wheels of your construction machinery and vehicles in complete autonomy - removal of sludge & grease - economical price - mobile solution - recycling of water for reuse

Construction equipment is often very muddy.

In order to remain in perfect working order, they must be thoroughly cleaned regularly and particularly during maintenance operations.

Cleaning this type of vehicle requires both high pressure, to remove encrusted and sometimes dried sludge, but also a high flow rate in order to remove more or less heavy dirt.

Washing of construction equipment must be done in a dedicated washing area either on the company site or directly on the construction site.

By using our MOBILE WASHING skid WITH WATER RECYCLING, you can easily keep your construction equipment in perfect working order. With the right pressure and flow rate to remove all stubborn and heavy sludge, you will be able to carry out effective cleaning at the site of your choice, without having to move your vehicles.

Our water recycling system also allows you to reduce your water consumption and protect the environment while saving on water supply costs.

With our dedicated washing areas, you can easily maintain your construction equipment without hassle and without compromising on quality.

Skid PackLav®-OCE-PACKLAV-TP-1: Allows completely autonomous cleaning of the wheels of your construction equipment and vehicles on a mobile area - removal of sludge and grease - economical price.


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