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Tarpaulin/Flexible & Foldable Retention Area

Tarpaulin/Flexible & Foldable Retention Area

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Made from a durable material, our Soft & Foldable Tarpaulin/Retention Area offers an excellent solution to prevent water leaks and infiltration. Easy to install and maintain, it is perfectly suited to outdoor use.

Description of the flexible retention area:

You want to secure, that is to say protect your tarmac or non-tarred floors (grass, etc.) at an affordable price from:
- unloading of dangerous or non-hazardous liquids (fuel oil, milk, wine, fertilizers, etc.)
- washing filling of your machines with phyto effluents, hydrocarbons, etc....?

Discover our mobile retention areas : French manufacturing, different dimensions, possibility of tailor-made quality and competitive price.

Flexible and foldable retention areas constitute an excellent permanent or temporary system for washing areas and also secure the pumping or unloading of polluting and dangerous products. Also used for storing drums, cans or containers .

Of very simple and very quick assembly , the flexible retention areas take up little space and are an ideal solution for upgrading to standards at a lower cost .

Technical characteristics :

Of 80 to 80000 liters retention, we can custom made according to your needs.

Included: 2 reinforced treads, 1 all stainless steel lifting pump, 5m of hose and 1 stainless steel filter base as anti-clogging pump grid.

Made from 900gr/m² PVC

Flexible retention area with integrated brackets:

-Material: Polyester+Pvc -TP quality: 900g/m2: resists aggressive products (hydrocarbons, phytosanitary products, etc.)
- Freestanding
- retention capacity: from 1500 liters to 11250 liters
- Edges made of foam tubes 75 mm in diameter
-Reinforced with plates for support.
-The edges rise with the liquid
-No assembly

Possibilities of:

- Make custom flexible areas (color dimensions),
- To put reinforcing strips (width 0.58 m, price per m in this width: €16 excluding tax, material: Polyester + PVC - TP quality: 900g/m2. Example for an area of ​​3mx2m: price for 2 strips of reinforcement of 3m each: 6 m*16€ =96€ excl. tax),
- To equip equipment (washing and/or filling jibs (for router trucks, for example), volume meters, pumps with filtration grids, effluent management, storage, water recovery, etc., contact us).
- Shipping not included - depending on weight and destination - contact us.

More information, a specific request? Contact us!

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