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Bird scarer holographic garland

Bird scarer holographic garland

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Bird scarer holographic garland

Description of the scare repellent garland:

The holographic string lights are shiny and sound. Placed above the planting areas to be protected, these reflective strips shine in the sun and crackle in the wind, they repel predatory birds approaching the protected area.

Features of the bird scarer reflective tape:

SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Simple and effective bird control! Reflective tape has proven to be a powerful and extremely effective solution to pest and bird control problems.

DURABLE : Extra thick , ultra-durable material for long-lasting tear and weather resistance.

EASY TO USE: Adjust repellent tape to appropriate length, and tie around tree branches, railings, roofs, windows, decks. It could be a great alternative to owl decoys, scarecrows, and birdcobs.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Wildlife-friendly and eco-friendly, the non-toxic reflective tape is chemical-free and harmless to birds by alarming with glitter or slight wind noise, no harmful gels or sprays.
The bird tape comes with 1 roll, 4 .8cm / 1.88" in width by 80 meters / 262.4ft in length.

PROTECTS YOUR CROPS: Made of a very resistant material, this visual type scarer is ideal for protecting market garden and vegetable crops , protects orchards and vineyards, these bands can be installed on agricultural buildings, hangars and logistics depots in places where the birds come in.

Technical characteristics :

Material: plastic
Width: 4.8cm / 1.88"
Length: 80 meters / 262.4ft
Number of pieces: 1 roll

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