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Pack-Mobile washing area with water recycling for machinery, vehicles

Pack-Mobile washing area with water recycling for machinery, vehicles

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Mobile washing pack with water recycling for machinery, vehicles, etc...:

Compact, mobile and economical solution for your farm and your construction sites, with effluent management according to needs and flow rates (phytopharmaceuticals, wineries, wineries, cellars, detergents, greases, mud, other waste, etc.)

  • This mobile wash pack offers cleaning without using hot water.
  • Plus, it collects water and recycles it for minimalist washing.
  • Save up to 50% on water use and reduce your environmental impact.

At the request of its customers, OCEANIA ENVIRONMENT develops tailor-made washing packs with different equipment for water recycling and effluent management: objectives:

  • meet standards at reduced costs for washing your machinery and vehicles (compared to the cost of a concrete area)
  • maintain access to the markets of customers who are demanding for the environment (or differentiate yourself from your competitors).
  • save water (water recycling)
  • and at the right price: the skid is sized according to needs, volumes to be processed, business standards and customer budget


  • kit with water recycling: water saving
  • speed of installation: install-plug-use (no earthworks!)
  • mobile
  • effective
  • minimum space requirement
  • economic

Important notes:

  • The washing skid/pack is to be positioned on a flexible area (different dimensions possible) with a stainless steel mop pump for the recovery of grease-laden washing water
  • (you can supplement with a Phytoge st or a Héliosec if there are phyto effluents - contact us)


Nb: INDICATIVE PRICE - other dimensions and equipment possible - contact us!

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