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Management of phyto effluents to standards: aerial Phytogest®

Management of phyto effluents to standards: aerial Phytogest®

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Management of phyto effluents to standards: aerial Phytogest®, the essentials:

  • Management of phyto effluents to standards: aerial Phytogest® is a powerful stimulator of natural degradation by forced ventilation of wastewater loaded with residues of phytopharmaceutical products.
  • Thanks to its properties, this product reduces the concentrations of pollutants prevalent in soils, waterways, and groundwater, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.
  • PHYTOGEST® allows the evaporation of effluents contained in a 900 or 1400 liter pallet box.
  • Easy to use, maintenance-free, the device will reduce the volumes of wastewater until you obtain a dry residue packaged in a bag.

The device allows the evaporation of the water contained in the phytosanitary effluents. This system is based on a principle of forced ventilation inside closed tanks, and makes it possible to generate a completely dry residue.

The device can be purchased as a kit or ready to use. Once installed in its storage location, the user only has to fill the tank as it generates the effluent.

The system requires no adjustment or maintenance throughout its lifespan. It operates 24/7, and must only be stopped during filling operations.

The interest of this process lies in its adaptability to almost all types of tanks.

But above all, this process, like many others, generates a dry solid residue that cannot be spread, which was confirmed by the Administrative Court of Toulouse in its judgment of May 15, 2018, specifying that this system could be used as part of the treatment phytosanitary effluents.

The range currently consists of two models:

  • PHYTOGEST® 900, adapted to a 900 liter pallet box: currently the best-selling!
  • PHYTOGEST® 1400, mounted on a 1400 liter pallet box. Due to the large dimensions of this pallet box, it is reinforced by a metal structure to withstand the pressure generated by 1400 liters of liquid in the long term.

This equipment has been designed to offer a solution that can be used without a retention tank.

In fact, regulations regarding the storage of dangerous materials require double walls. PHYTOGEST® respects this obligation: the bag is the main container, and the pallet box acts as a retention bin.

Turnkey delivery and ready to use

The device is delivered ready for use. The user only has to place it in his storage area, carrying out the following manipulations: he installs the bag provided in the pallet box, then after closing the latter with its lid, he will no longer be missing just fit the blower into its intended location. The effluent can now be introduced into the box. A visual level indicator helps avoid any risk of overflow.

Once a year, once the effluent has evaporated, the dry residue packaged in the bag can be sent for destruction as a hazardous material. A new knowledge can then be put in place.

Principle of operation

The PHYTOGEST® process is based on forced and judiciously oriented air circulation in the tank, which will allow the evaporation of the water contained therein.

The system operates without any contact between the liquid hazardous material and the device, which guarantees high system reliability.

Power consumption is very low (52W). The device uses the calories naturally present in the air, its efficiency is excellent: always greater than 100%, it can even exceed 300% in the best cases.

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