Our range of effluent management solutions is specially designed for effluent collected during washing and filling, adapted to your sector: machines, sprayers, vehicles, tanks, cellars, harvesting machines (industry, viticulture companies , brewery, catering and automobile maintenance, construction, heavy goods vehicles, garage, detailing etc...)
  • Our solutions offer high quality and high efficiency, standard or tailor-made, fixed or mobile, with or without water recycling, which reduces implementation costs, simplifies their use, guarantees their robustness and eliminates pollution. to comply with environmental regulations.
  • Our range of effluent management solutions enable cost savings and greener cleaning methods.
  • Oceania Environment provides you with a clear improvement in the environment and operation of your work tool with complete peace of mind and security.

Need of :

  • bring yourself up to standard?
  • improve your environmental approach?
  • anticipate possible controls?
  • obtain certifications or access to certain markets?

Are your effluents concerned?

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