Oceania Environment Newsletter-April 2024: new water recycling range

2024: Oceania environment launches a new range of products focused on water and effluent management -recycling-filtration-reuse of washing effluents:

  • First of all specialized in the wine and agricultural sector (filling washing area, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), farm layout),
  • our products then interested the sector of public works, transport, washing of equipment, cars, boats, etc...

and led us to expand our offering in 2023:

  • Oceania Environment® at the request of its customers has innovated with water recycling tools,
  • with the objective of designing new, accessible and sustainable solutions
  • but above all economical, simple to use, reliable and designed with partners based in France.

We propose :

  • standard or tailor-made solutions, mobile or fixed, reliable, simple and above all at the right price
  • so that your washing/filling processes for your equipment and water recycling are environmentally friendly
  • and help you be more productive and secure.

Our expertise :


  • Innovate, design, select the best professional equipment for water and the environment:
  • adapted to the needs and budget of our customers,
  • to improve your compliance with required environmental standards,
  • and your working comfort, safety and productivity.


Oceania Environment® was created following our 30 years of experience in the field of professional equipment.
We are based in Alsace and partner of the “Marque Alsace” network.

Product range:

The result of our technical and commercial experience, we have selected quality professional equipment for you which will allow you to:

  • store-filter-reuse your water and wastewater,
  • manage the effluents generated during filling (accidental overflows), washing, emptying, transfer etc.,
  • equip yourself with a washing and filling area at the best price,
  • manage your farm to protect your resources and the environment
  • protect your comfort, health and productivity with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at the best quality-price ratio

Clients and application areas

Production companies or agricultural and wine-growing works, public works, transport, recycling, maintenance, rental of equipment or machines, craftsmen and individuals, sports associations (sailing, mountain biking, golf courses), etc.


Some examples and for some the link to their creation:

  • VINCI (Etf-Eurovia), Eiffage, (France)
  • Stade de France, (Paris-75)
  • LGCF (Les Grands Chais de France) (France)
  • Gérard Bertrand wines (Occitanie-11)
  • Chapoutier (Alsace-67)
  • Rhonea,(PACA-84) etc...
  • Terre de Rose (Cooperative of Trets-Association of Winegrowers of the Holy Victoire - Provence-13)

Our values: proximity, flexibility, responsiveness and respect for your budgets

We favor responsiveness and proximity to solutions:

  • with a controlled budget: respect for the environment and water must be accessible to all: we offer standard solutions or tailor-made manufacturing and/or sourcing (search for specific products) from our professional partners selected for their quality , responsiveness and value for money.
  • our equipment is mainly Made in France (to control delivery times and costs of transport and after-sales service).

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