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Large capacity pallet-retention tray

Large capacity pallet-retention tray

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Description of the galvanized steel retention tank:

This bin guarantees total safety during the storage and handling of your hazardous products. Their design makes them essential equipment for all companies that handle non-corrosive products on a daily basis and want to ensure better protection of the environment .

Specificities of the palette:

The retention pallet is designed for tanks containing products of the non-corrosive type due to its manufacture. You can store chemicals and your flammable products such as your hydrocarbons there. With a large volume, it offers you the possibility of supporting two tanks of 1000 liters each

Features :

  • Dimensions 2660x1220x435
  • Weight 160kg
  • Retention capacity 1000 liters (8 drums or 2 IBCs
  • Load supported 2400 kg.
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