Collection: STAINLESS STEEL screen baskets (without manhole)

Screen baskets are very important in the efficient operation of wastewater lifting stations.

Oceania Environment offers a standard or custom range of all sizes of high quality screening baskets, designed to optimize the performance of your washing areas.

Role of a screen basket:

  • prevent solid debris, such as leaves, plastics, branches, wood, gravel and other unwanted objects, from passing through the pumping system.
  • Screen baskets prevent these materials from disrupting pump operation and damaging equipment.

Recovery and emptying are done

  • A-either automatically: with a stainless steel lifting screen 3 or 4m high with sieves designed according to the waste and optionally equipped with an automatic emptying hopper
  • B- either manually with a screen basket that can be positioned in a collector manhole, with the possibility of custom manufacturing in stainless steel.

Ease of Maintenance:

  • Our baskets are designed for quick and easy cleaning. They are equipped with simple disassembly mechanisms, which makes their maintenance easy.
  • They can be arranged in collectors that we manufacture.
  • Effluents can be collected automatically with hoppers

Our screen baskets are made in France

  • Made from corrosion and wear resistant materials, stainless steel
  • Guaranteeing a long lifespan even in demanding conditions.



Screen or automatic basket

  • It is robust and has a very long lifespan when ordinary maintenance operations are correctly carried out. Combined with a waste screw compactor and a bagger, it can significantly reduce volumes and therefore removal costs.
  • Furthermore, in this latter configuration, operators are better protected against accidental contact with residues.
  • The multiple dimensional versions available, in length (up to 10m) and width (up to 2m), allow you to choose the appropriate model for each application.


  • Hopper with opening bottom in 30/10 folded sheet metal with epoxy finish
  • Hopper equipped with sheaths allowing for handling on a forklift
  • Opening by manually operated lever that can be operated remotely
  • Safety latch preventing opening during transfers, to be removed before emptying
  • Different dimensions and storage volumes are available


1-Screen basket FOR COARSE WASTE - (wood chip type)

The screen basket FOR COARSE WASTE offers a practical solution for dealing with wood chips and other heavy waste. With a capacity of 800 kg, it can hold waste up to 150 mm in size. Easy to install and use, it provides a safe and convenient method for collecting and sorting waste.

  • Dimensions: 950x950x700mm high - WEIGHT 100KGS with perforated sheets
  • For coarse waste such as wood chips
  • Collector sight not supplied
  • 2 versions: hot-dip galvanized or all stainless steel
  • Other dimensions on request


2-The COLLECTOR LOOK is a MANUAL collection tool measuring 1000 x 1000 mm,

Made with very robust materials that are unlikely to corrode. A separator screen basket is included for dirt removal and sediment control. Ideal for rainwater and sanitation applications.

Product Description :

Collector manhole with all stainless steel separator screen

  • Inspection window + reinforced stainless steel grid support
  • HDPE manhole cover to be embedded in the screed of the washing area (cement-set pins)
  • Departure in 110F
  • Dimensions 1000x1000 mm

NB: you can order:

or just the screen basket: HERE Please note the collector sight is not provided

either the 2: screen basket + collector sight - check the dimensions carefully and do not hesitate to contact us

3-MANUAL dirty water collector sight:

The DIRTY WATER COLLECTOR WITH GRID is a high-end engineering product designed to collect and manage wastewater efficiently. It consists of a robust and durable grid that offers resistance to high salt levels. Thanks to its optimally sealed design, this product ensures safe and efficient collection and management of wastewater.

- dimensions 500 x 500 x 200 mm
- with reinforced stainless steel upper grille for vehicle passage
- with screen basket
- HDPE manhole area 2 slopes
- 110mm female start
- input and output can be positioned independently of each other

Other equipment-accessories-dimensions-options and possible custom models-contact us.

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