Pack de lavage mobile avec recyclage d'eau pour engins , véhicules, etc...

Mobile washing pack with water recycling for machinery, vehicles, etc.

Description Mobile washing pack with water recycling for machinery, vehicles, etc...:

At the request of its customers, OCEANIA ENVIRONMENT develops tailor-made washing packs with different equipment for water recycling and effluent management.

goals :

- meet standards at reduced costs

for washing your machines and vehicles (compared to the cost of a concrete area) maintain access to the markets of customers who are demanding for the environment (or differentiate yourself from your competitors).

- save water

(water recycling) and at the right price: the skid is sized according to needs, volumes to be treated, business standards and customer budget

Compact, mobile and economical solution

for your operation and your construction sites,

with effluent management according to needs and flow rates (phytopharmaceuticals, wine, winery, cellar, detergents, fats, mud, other waste, etc.) and water recycling.

Save up to 50% of water usage

and reduce environmental impact with the Mobile Wash Pack with Water Recycling for Machinery, Vehicles, and More.

This compact, mobile and economical pack for your operation and your construction sites allows you to manage effluent according to your needs and flow rates,

whether they are plant protection, wine, winery, cellar, detergents, grease, sludge, or other waste.

This solution collects and recycles water

  • for minimalist washing, without having to invest in an expensive concrete area.
  • Additionally, with various customizable equipment available, you can be compliant with environmental standards and requirements while reducing your costs.

Collects water and recycles it for minimalist washing: Save up to 50% on water use and reduce environmental impact.

- Mobile water washing and recycling pack with hydrocarbon effluent management: including:

- 1 lifting pump to be positioned on the concrete or flexible area - 220 volt power supply
- 1 screen
- 1 mobile hydrocarbon separator
- positioned in a support to avoid earthmoving (it will be powered by the lifting pump)
-1 buffer tank 1000l
- 1 booster
- 1 filtration kit of 3 filters

- optional :

- flexible tarpaulin to collect effluents of different sizes
- kit of UV lamps to guarantee water conservation other equipment - makes the water more or less drinkable or usable for all applications (watering, showering, washing, etc.)

Benefits: kit with water recycling: water saving speed of installation: install-plug-use (no earthworks!) efficient mobile minimum economical space requirement

Important notes:

The washing skid/pack should be positioned for example on a flexible area if you do not have a concrete area - or do not wish to create one (mobile construction site, temporary rental, one-off event, etc.):

Oceania Environment offers:

  • different dimensions,
  • color
  • and customizations with logo are possible

- with a stainless steel mop pump for recovering grease-laden washing water

You can supplement with a Phytogest or a Héliosec if phyto effluents are present - contact us) allows you to treat almost all types of effluents,

for more information see the MOBILE WASHING AREA section

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