(but also: gutter-non-return valve-gutter-collector manhole..)

    Oceania Environment's flow management valves make it possible to direct the 2 or 3 types of flows present in a washing/filling area:

    1/ case 1: when the washing/filling area is not/no longer used:

    rainwater which runs off the surface of the washing area - and which is potentially loaded with hydrocarbons or grease which remain on the areas - must be directed towards the hydrocarbon separator.

    2/the washing/filling area is used:

    • Any overflows when filling sprayers and water from washing machines or equipment must be directed smoothly and safely to the appropriate treatments. (E.g. hydrocarbon separator, treatment of phytopharmaceutical effluents, water recycling or treatment wine effluents etc…).
    • We offer you valve systems from the simplest to the most elaborate:

    Manual valves

    Combination of 2 valves:

    Combination of 3 parallel valves

    Combination of motorized valves with time delay (to automate flow management)

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