Potences de lavage/remplissage

Washing/filling jibs

Filling or washing jib, single or double

  • Our filling and/or washing jibs, single or double, offer maximum capacity and excellent load distribution for filling and washing your machines or vehicles.
  • Their robust, balanced and lightweight design allows for safe installation and easy handling.
  • The wide range of models adapted to all types of needs ensures flexibility and high-level performance.

Oceania Environment's filling/washing jibs allow you:

  • to secure the filling in order to avoid overflow (equipment of a volume meter/flow meter),
  • to work in complete safety by avoiding hoses lying around the washing area (productivity gain and water savings).
 You have the choice between single washing jib/single filling jib/double washing and filling jib on a single mast.
  • Our jibs exist in different heights: 2.5m or 4m. They are height adjustable.
  • All stainless steel manufacturing.

    Optional possibilities of:

    • secure our jibs with a steel reel inside the door with a hose length of 5 m (as standard), low pressure (or high pressure on request)
    • & possibility of integrating a canister rinser into the door),
    • Possibility of badges or keys for several users.
    • supplied with protection bars, non-return valve, volume meter, lighting, security box, etc.
    • Customized stems possible - contact us .

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