Collection: Filling or washing jib, single or double

Our single or double filling and/or washing jibs have different advantages compared to a simple garden hose or NHP:

  • Robustness: all stainless steel manufacturing: durability of your investment
  • Facilitate and therefore secure filling or washing operations: no hose to drag - no moving of the NHP - saving time and productivity for filling and washing equipment
  • Secure the operator
  • Allows water savings
  • Avoid overflows and therefore potential soil-water-operator pollution

Mandatory equipment on filling jibs:

  • A non-return valve is mandatory for filling jibs


  • Safety bar to avoid shocks
  • Volume meter-locked box
  • Anti-burglary cover
  • Winder
  • Accounting badges
  • Solar panels.
  • Bottle rinser
  • Blenders
  • Their robust, balanced and lightweight design allows for safe installation and easy handling.
  • The wide range of models adapted to all types of needs ensures flexibility and high-level performance.

Other equipment-accessories-dimensions-options and possible custom models-contact us.

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