Collection: Water storage: flexible or rigid tanks

Concerned about economic and environmental issues (drought prevention, fire protection obligations, water restrictions), Oceania Environment has selected a range of tanks or cisterns allowing rainwater (or other) to be recovered and stored in tanks or cisterns:

1/ rigid

Made of polyethylene, steel or polyester, these tanks can be buried (space saving) or placed above ground.

Advantages: space saving (if buried), possibility of putting the pumping and draining system inside the tank.

The rigid tanks are equipped as standard with stainless steel filters, anti-pest siphons, a vertical anti-eddy tube, a 1” (inch) suction system, a discharge pipe.

Possibility of offering the water pumping and delivery system as an option.

2/ flexible:


      • Quick installation: simply unroll the tank alone or in groups depending on the dimensions on clean and compacted soil.
      • Solution without earthworks
      • Good resistance of materials (PVC)

    • Other equipment-accessories-dimensions-options and possible custom models-contact us.

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