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Soft-flexible-foldable, durable and mobile retention area-Bac-tarpaulins:

Soft-flexible-foldable, durable and mobile retention area-Bac-tarpaulins:

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Soft, flexible, foldable, durable and mobile retention bin area: Optimal security and space saving.

  • Protect the environment when pumping, filling, washing, transferring, storing polluting liquid and solid products (e.g. drums, cans or containers of plant protection products, hydrocarbons, oils, fertilizers, milk, wine, etc.).
  • Mobile, economical, quick and easy solution to implement by 1 person
  • Ideal because it avoids having to do earthworks: if you do not have space or are renting: immediate neighborhood, soils, waterways, water tables, etc.
  • Permanent or temporary system

Technical characteristics :

  • Standard or custom dimensions and colors.
  • Polyester and PVC quality 900g/m2
  • Reinforcement strips for rubber wheel arches
  • Edges made of 75 mm diameter foam tubes - reinforced with integrated lifting plates (squares): the edges raise automatically when filling.
  • Possibility of installing a drain valve

Made in France

Create your mobile and economical washing area - with or without water recycling: examples:

  • Pack R® for the management of plant protection effluents
  • or ATLANTIK® for washing equipment loaded with hydrocarbons (or detergents) and recycling water for re-washing or discharge into the network or natural environment
  • many possibilities - contact us

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