The hydrocarbon separator is mandatory for the treatment of water from: car parks, service stations, mechanical workshops, parking areas, washing stations, car scrapyards, industrial or artisanal areas, etc.

  • Avoid fines and penalties associated with pollution
  • Reduce the risk of blockage of sewer networks, thereby minimizing maintenance and unblocking costs.
  • We offer hydrocarbon and edible grease wastewater management solutions that meet the highest standards and are designed to minimize environmental impact.

The hydrocarbon separator separates and retains sludge and hydrocarbons contained in rainwater and wastewater.

  • It must be sized according to the surface area of ​​your washing area and the rainfall in the area which will determine the quantity of polluted liquids to be recovered.

Our technologies improve the quality of wastewater and optimize the flow of water on your facilities

  • We offer you a wide choice of hydrocarbon separators, to enable you to ensure the safety of your site or operation while scrupulously respecting regulations regarding respect for the environment.
  • Our separators are designed to capture and retain oils, greases and other hazardous substances, preventing their release into sewer systems or natural water resources.

Features and Benefits of Hydrocarbon Separator

 Oil separators are made from corrosion and chemical resistant materials, ensuring their long-term durability and performance.

They are available :

  • In different sizes and capacities to adapt to the specific needs of professionals and their sites,
  • With optional coalescers, decanters and filtration systems for more efficient separation of hydrocarbons and solid particles, thus avoiding any risk of contamination or obstruction.
  • In steel or polyethylene, with sludge trap, with integrated alarm
  • We also offer the option of a large sludge trap (recovery of sludge, gravel, sand before the oil separator, which improves its efficiency)
  • The oil separator alarm is the perfect solution to protect you. It provides security alerts and accurate data tracking.
  • Its cutting-edge technology guarantees early protection against contaminants and perfectly tuned switching profiles, providing a high level of security.
  • A secure alarm so you no longer have to worry about your equipment and compliance with standards.

AH 230 Volt hydrocarbon alarm (can be used on an hydrocarbon separator for example)

Audible and visual alarm to detect hydrocarbon level. ATEX certified. Power supply: The alarm is powered by 230 V single-phase current.

Benefits :

The AH alarm can signal: a hydrocarbon level in association with the probe supplied with the box, a fault via a dry contact, A break in the probe cable, a short circuit or a probe fault.

Functioning :

This visual and audible alarm includes a box and a probe.
Hydrocarbon level detection:
The probe measures the electrical conductivity of the surrounding liquid, water being a much better conductor than hydrocarbons. When the probe, positioned at the predefined level in the treatment device, is in contact with hydrocarbons, the alarm is triggered.
The probe is designed to be installed in zone 0.

Fault reporting:

This terminal block is intended for the possible connection of a remote signaling device (type TEL010 or TEL020 as an option).

Failure alarm:

In case of probe cable breakage, short circuit or broken probe, the alarm sounds.

Please note, the box must be placed outside a dangerous area.

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