OCEANIA ENVIRONMENT is specialised in the design and supply of environmentally-friendly equipment for water management (storage, recycling, reuse) and effluent management (phytopharmaceuticals, hydrocarbons and greases, vineyards, winegrowing, various chemicals (detergents, compost residues, etc.).

  • Our mission is to help professionals respect the environment by providing innovative, customised solutions for recycling, reusing water and managing effluents (phytopharmaceuticals, hydrocarbons and greases, vineyards, wineries, various chemical products (detergents, compost residues, etc.)).
  • Driven by a passion for ecology and sustainable development, our team has developed products that meet environmental requirements while guaranteeing optimum performance for our customers.
  •  Today, Oceania Environment supplies production companies or agricultural and viticultural works, public works, transport, recycling, maintenance, equipment or machine hire, craftsmen and private individuals, sports associations (sailing, mountain biking, golf courses), etc. Examples: VINCI (Etf- Eurovia ),Eiffage,(France) - Stade de France,(Paris-75) - LGCF (Les Grands Chais de France) (France)- Vins Gérard Bertrand (Occitanie-11) - Chapoutier (Alsace-67) - Rhonea,(PACA-84) -Terre de Rose (Coopérative de Trets-Association des Vignerons de la sainte Victoire - Provence-13) , etc...


  • What sets us apart is our ability to offer mobile or fixed equipment, tailored to the specific needs of each sector of activity, while ensuring a quality/price ratio favourable to investment in sustainability.


Our product ranges: standard or made-to-measure, fixed or mobile.

  • store, filter and reuse your water and wastewater,
  • manage effluents generated during filling (accidental overflows), washing, emptying, transfer, etc,
  • equip yourself with a washing and filling area at the best price,
  • develop your farm to protect your resources and the environment
  • protect your comfort, health and productivity with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at the best value for money.

Product innovations: simple, reliable and economical solutions to help you comply with environmental standards.

    In 2023: Oceania Environment®, at the request of its customers, has innovated with water recycling tools, in particular mobile units (or skids) for washing your vehicles, equipment or machinery: simple, compact, reliable and economical - to meet the requirements of environmental standards on a tight budget: ATLANTIK1 and 2 in 2024.


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