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Compressed Air Line Apparatus

Compressed Air Line Apparatus

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  • Enjoy the benefits of our compressed air supply devices!
  • Equipped with small wheels and a splinted handle, this strong and stable unit offers a wide range of compressed air supply and distribution options for a wide variety of applications.
  • A perfect solution for industrial users!


-Panoramic rubber mask

-Flow regulator + 22 mm diameter pipe with pressure relief valve for connection to the mask

-Compressed air filtration unit on feet. The unit includes 3 filtration stages, 2 for particles and droplets up to 0.01 microns and an activated carbon filter for gases and vapors in accordance with EN1201.

CEJN fittings

-20 m long PVC air supply hose with CEJN 342 quick and secure couplings

Provide a 10M3/H dry air compressor

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