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Retention tank 1 drum

Retention tank 1 drum

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The 1 drum retention tank is designed to contain and retain a standard 220 liter drum of liquids. Its sturdy, durable construction provides a degree of security and added security, which is ideal for storage environments where security is a priority.

Description of the retention tank:

To facilitate the movement of your barrels and their storage, consider the retention tank for 1 220 liter barrel ! Very light , this bin is made of galvanized steel .

This 1 drum retention tank is robust and economical.

Features :

Dimensions: 800 x 800 x 450 mm

Weight of the retention tank: 33 Kg

Retention capacity: 220 liters

Surface protection: hot-dip galvanizing

Number of barrels: 1

Load: 300 Kg electroforged grating 300 Kg

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