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Flexible liquid fertilizer tank 30M3.

Flexible liquid fertilizer tank 30M3.

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Flexible liquid fertilizer tank 30M3.

Made of EXOM+ 140e canvas
Sulfur-free nitrogenous liquid fertilizer.
Color Green-Corner reinforcement with bolted plates and stainless steel screws-Dimensions: 4.44 x 7.95 x 1.30m-
On the top: DN140 fertilizer inspection hatch with vent
On the side: Filling/draining connection DN 80 with valve
PVC, symmetrical fitting and cap
Retention on embankment for cistern - 30 M3
Made of EXOM 640 canvas
External anti-UV treatment.
Dimensions: 8.92 x 12.95m
Accessories guaranteed for 2 years
Manufacture guaranteed 100% for 10 years


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