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Double-walled HDPE tank with welded feet

Double-walled HDPE tank with welded feet

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Double-walled HDPE tank with 2 welded HDPE feet including:

- 1 manhole with closing cover


Double skin high density polyethylene (HDPE) tank offers highly superior advantages compared to conventional materials.

Rot-proof material, does not undergo degradation due to attacks by acid soils or aggressive liquids, unlike even galvanized steel and traditional concrete.

Designed to withstand significant overloads, the tanks can be placed under roads (roads) or parking lots

Ring stiffness according to EN 9969 (SN2 – SN4 – SN6 – SN8)

All our tanks can be buried in all types of terrain, without risk of crushing due to ground movements

Very low weight/volume ratio (eg 2,900 kg for a 50 m3 tank, resistance SN1, DN 2400).

Ease of transport, handling and installation.

Very high mechanical strength, which limits the risk of crushing due to ground movements or when the tank is being emptied.

Chemical resistance, HDPE is resistant to a wide range of basic and acidic chemicals.

Resistance to abrasion, tests have shown that this product is more resistant than concrete, sandstone or PVC.

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