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Protective half mask DUETTA with A2P3 cartridges

Protective half mask DUETTA with A2P3 cartridges

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Description of the DUETTA half mask:

DUETTA is a protective half mask ideal for use in spray painting, spraying pesticides and handling chemicals. Its rigid shell supports the cartridges while distributing the weight in an optimal way. DUETTA with its A2P3 cartridges is the respirator with the best value for money.

The mask is light and flexible thanks to the thermoplastic rubber. The fully adjustable 4-point harness provides an effective facial fit. The mask is easily disassembled for cleaning and to inspect its proper functioning.

Features :

- Thanks to its soft edge, it fits comfortably on the face

- Perfect sealing

- Excellent field of vision , freedom of movement and exceptional comfort

- Hypoallergenic         

- Complies with European standards EN140: 1998 and complies with directive 89/986/EC (PPE),

- Comes with a pair of A2P3 filters

Storage :

Store between -20°C and + 50°C and RH <80%.

Materials :

Half skirt: composite plastic

Bridle set: elastic tape

Nuchal arch: nylon

Exhalation valve membrane: rubber

Bayonet fittings: impact and solvent resistant plastic

Weight :

65g approx.

Use only in well-ventilated spaces, which do not lack oxygen and which do not contain explosive elements.

Find the technical sheet of the DUPLA full phytosanitary mask.

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