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CleanSpace PRO powered ventilation full face mask

CleanSpace PRO powered ventilation full face mask

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  • The CleanSpace PRO powered full face mask is the lightest, most comfortable and most innovative respiratory protection product on the market.
  • Featuring Smart-Sensor technology, it provides protection against harmful particles in a compact and durable ergonomic format.
  • Breathe easily and safely with CleanSpace PRO.
Description of the CleanSpace2™ respirator mask:

The Cleanspace2™ assisted ventilation full face mask features a lightweight motorized system , worn on the neck , for greater working comfort. It can be used in very dusty atmospheres or during activities subject to particle projections .

Full Face Mask Features:

Cleanspace2™ , responsive to breathing, provides employees with a level of comfort and confidence in their protection never before matched in the workplace.

Installing the CleanSpace2™ Powered Ventilation Respirator | Oceaniaenvironment

This complete respiratory protection device consists of:

- A CleanSpace2™ motorized system

- A full silicone mask (ref. MR0018.01)

- An adapter for mask and filter (ref. MR0028.01)

- A head harness (ref. MR0036.01)

- 2 neck protectors (ref. MR0037.01)

- A large capacity P3 filter (ref. MR0024.01) or A2P3 filter (MR0054.01)

- A battery charger (ref. MR0038.01)

- An adapter for all sockets

- A flow test cap

- A CleanSpace™ storage bag

Operated using a single button , the CleanSpace2™ powered ventilation device activates at the first inspiration and protects you for 4 to 8 hours before needing to be recharged.

Delivery in 5 working days.

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Presentation of the CleanSpace2™ Powered Ventilation Full Face Mask

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