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PPE mask TH3P, PowerCap® JSP Infinity®

PPE mask TH3P, PowerCap® JSP Infinity®

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Description of complete PPE TH3P respiratory protection

Complete TH3P respiratory protection: helmet, with screen and sealing skirt. The device has a “heads-up display” and audible warnings for battery and filter status, allowing the wearer to manage their usage efficiently.

Characteristics of the PowerCap® TH3P Infinity® protection:

4-IN-1 PROTECTION: The PowerCap® Infinity® is a powered air purifying respirator that offers a complete TH3 powered ventilation solution that provides exceptional protection at four levels in a single piece of equipment. 4-in-1 integrated over-the-shoulder protection (skull, face, respiratory, hearing).

TH3 PERFORMANCE: The PowerCap® Infinity® delivers filtered air to the wearer that meets the requirements of standard EN12941:1998 + A2:2008. Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF 40). TH3 is the highest level of protection in the standard.

Mask JSP TH3P infinity POWERCAP | oceaniaenvironment

HIGH PERFORMANCE FILTERS: Thanks to the combination of high capacity HEPA filters and optimized aerodynamic pre-filter shells, the PowerCap® Infinity® provides 160 liters of filtered air per minute to the wearer. All while maximizing battery efficiency. A simple and intuitive bayonet system allows filters to be changed effortlessly.

To guarantee the comfort of the wearer, the control of the movement of the air inside the device is essential. Patented bi-turbo technology controls airflow into the central unit to maximize wearer comfort and optimize fuel efficiency.

PANORAMIC ANTI-IMPACT VISOR: The optical class 1 visor complies with the EN166.B standard providing protection against particle impact at a maximum speed of 160m/s (tested with a 6mm diameter steel ball). The visor has a peelable and replaceable protective film to extend its life.

EASY MAINTENANCE: The PowerCap® Infinity® was developed as a modular system that is easy to disassemble and reassemble for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Additional Information :

  • Complete TH3P respiratory protection .
  • Helmet + visor + sealing skirt.
  • Nominal protection factor 500 (FPA40).
  • Lens in optical class 1 and anti-scratch polycarbonate.
  • Impact protection up to 2070 mph.
  • Height: 300 mm, width: 250 mm, depth: 350 mm, weight: 1.1 kg.
  • The battery is fully rechargeable , providing 8 hours of use.
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