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Respirator mask T-AIR VISOR

Respirator mask T-AIR VISOR

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Presentation of the T-AIR VISOR full respiratory mask:

The T-Air VISOR series helmet provides lightweight and comfortable protection in many industrial applications. The T-AIR VISCO helmet is manufactured in accordance with the latest regulations in terms of respiratory protection. It provides eye and face protection and is ideal in environments where the highest possible levels of protection are required.

Characteristics of the T-AIR VISOR:

main Features
- Respiratory protection
- Eye, face and head protection
- Flip-up visor
- Disposable protective visors
- Adjustable head harness
- Comfortable face seal

Main applications:
- Planing
- Spray painting
- Pharmaceutical handling
- Handling chemicals

Download the document of the complete characteristics of the T-AIR VISOR.

Video of the T-AIR VISOR breathing mask

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