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Stainless steel sludge rake basket (for manhole)

Stainless steel sludge rake basket (for manhole)

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Description of the stainless steel sludge basket:


  • The sludge screen is a simple system for screening, sludge removal and flow regulation of loaded wastewater.
  • It is equipped with a very accessible filtration basket, a large stainless steel lid, and is very low to facilitate access under the sink. It is equipped with a drain valve.
  • Dimensions: for manhole of 500*500*200mm - dimensions of the basket 465x465x191mm in height

NB: you can order:

  • either just the screen basket : below
  • be just the collector gaze here
  • either the 2: screen basket + collector manhole (options below) - check the dimensions carefully and do not hesitate to ask us for advice!

More info, a specific request, other dimensions: we can manufacture to measure - prices on request? Contact us!

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