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Can rinse gun for spraying Rinçotop

Can rinse gun for spraying Rinçotop

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  • The Rinçotop Spray Can Rinse Gun is essential for complex tasks.
  • Its innovative design allows for quick and precise rinsing. No more tedious efforts. Enjoy easy and precise handling of your cans!
  • Experience precision cleaning and long life. An optimal solution for increased resistance and efficiency.

Description of the Rinçotop gun :

Rinse your bottles efficiently and simply.

Connecting to any pressurized water supply (2 bar minimum), our Rinçotop spray canister rinsing gun will greatly improve the quality of rinsing your cans when preparing your treatments.

The canister rinse gun is supplied with a rotating nozzle which allows you to take advantage of all of the active ingredient still present in the empty canister. You therefore save money without the risk of projection and contact. Its handle is very resistant, its tube is stainless steel, can rinsing is suitable for cans from 1 to 20 liters.

Features :

. Supplied with a rotating nozzle .

. Very resistant handle,

. Stainless steel tube,

. Suitable for cans from 1 to 20 liters .

. Very robust , the Rincotop canister rinse gun for spraying connects directly to a pipe via a coupler (2 bar min pressure).

Use gun rinse cans for spraying Rinçotop | Oceaniaanvironment


The Rinçotop canister rinsing gun :

. Cleans cans of phytosanitary products simply and effectively

. Eliminates product residue as much as possible .

. Cleaning empty cans being obligatory for collection, it avoids having empty cans refused due to residues and allows maximum recovery of active ingredients for treatments.

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