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MTB CYCLES VELO WASHING AREA - with flexible mobile area and water recycling - price on request

MTB CYCLES VELO WASHING AREA - with flexible mobile area and water recycling - price on request

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Protect and maintain your bike at all times with the Cycles Vélo VTT washing area!

  • Its flexible movable surface allows you to carry out a thorough wash, and the water recycling offers sustainable and ecological use.
  • Be in environmental compliance for washing your bike, ask for the price now!

Wash your mountain bikes, bikes, etc. occasionally or permanently on a flexible area - to be positioned on a hard, flat floor, free from roughness - by recovering

  • the fats present on the chains,
  • Mes (suspended solids on disc brakes)
  • and the sludge
  • and by recycling your washing water for rewashing once filtered

Product Made in France - can be adapted to your needs - price on request - 3 elements:


1/ 1 ATLANTIK® device : Mobile water washing and recycling pack with hydrocarbon effluent management: READY TO INSTALL - FRENCH MANUFACTURING - INSTALL - PLUG - USE: including:

- 1 lifting pump to be positioned on the concrete or flexible area or in a manhole

(provide 220 volt 16A power supply)

- 1 screen

- 1 mobile oil separator - positioned in a support to avoid earthmoving (it will be powered by the lifting pump)

-1 buffer tank 1000l

- 1 booster

- 1 filtration kit of 3 filters.

With 3 UV lamps positioned in the buffer tank.

Expected performance at the plant outlet - subject to proper use:

- hydrocarbons: less than 5 mg/liter

  • MES (suspended solids): less than 100 mg/liter.

2/1 Flexible retention area with integrated brackets

- Material: Polyester+Pvc - TP quality: 900g/m2: resists aggressive products (hydrocarbons, phytosanitary products, etc.)

- Dimensions: 3mx 2m X 0.25m height

- Freestanding

- Retention capacity: 1500 liters

- Edges made of foam tubes 75 mm in diameter

- Reinforced with plates for support.

- The edges rise with the liquid

- No assembly: place on a clean floor without rough edges.

  • Supplied with sturdy stem (workshop stand to hold the bike when washing) - French quality.

3/1 Protective device to prevent the projection of sludge or small stones onto the rest of the room or workshop (and demarcates/makes the washing area more discreet):

1 polyethylene panel on aluminum structure - dimensions: 2m high x 1m wide




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