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Flexible and foldable retention area-tray-for secure storage-filling-transfer-filling of polluting liquids

Flexible and foldable retention area-tray-for secure storage-filling-transfer-filling of polluting liquids

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Flexible and foldable retention area-tray-for secure storage-filling-transfer-filling of polluting liquids

  • Protect and control your equipment and surroundings with a retention area.
  • A flexible, foldable and durable solution for storing, filling and transferring polluting liquids.
  • Discover optimal security and space saving.
  • A reliable product for guaranteed satisfaction.
The flexible and foldable retention areas constitute an excellent permanent or temporary system for washing areas and also secure the pumping or unloading of polluting and dangerous products.
Also used for storing drums, cans or containers.
Technical characteristics :
  • Very simple and quick to assemble, the flexible retention areas take up little space and are an ideal solution for upgrading to standards at a lower cost.
  • From 80 to 80,000 liters of retention, we can manufacture them to measure according to your needs.
  • The exterior foams are crushed when the wheels pass and return to their initial shape
  • The edges rise automatically as filling progresses as well as the reinforcement brackets already integrated into the container (no assembly)
  • The bin must be deployed on a smooth and clean surface, sweep if necessary to remove debris, gravel, etc.

Included: 2 reinforced treads, 1 all stainless steel lifting pump, 5m of hose and 1 stainless steel filter base as anti-clogging pump grid
Made from 900gr/m² PVC
Our flexible washing areas are green in color.
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Foldable flexible retention bins/areas/tracks from 100 to 80,000 liters with the possibility of rapid custom manufacturing.

The flexible PVC retention tank constitutes an excellent temporary or permanent storage system for any polluting product and meets DREAL recommendations.

Application examples:

  • Storage of drums, cans, cubitainers containing chemicals, varnishes, paints, oils, etc. · Retention of materials on site: generators, compressors, pumps, etc.
  • Permanent retention under production machines
  • Vehicle washes or equipment
  • Filling or unloading of products on industrial sites


  • Specific coating for chemicals
  • Garbage truck
  • Treads


Equipped with aluminum supports for simple and quick assembly, these flexible folding retention bins can be transported and stored with a minimum of space thanks to their carrying bag.

Removable storage bins help protect the environment from accidental pollution when storing dangerous products because they are resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

The flexible, foldable retention tray requires no inflation and is easily cleaned after use.

Technical description :

  • Material: Polyester support coated with multi-layer PVC, 900 gr/m2, anti-UV and fungicide treatment
  • Bin support: Aluminum brackets (3 mm thick) spaced 35 cm apart (outside the bin).
  • Standard brackets are 25 cm high, but can be customized in 10-15 -20 -30 or 40 cm
  • Breaking strength: 400 / 380 da N/5 cm
  • Use temperature: - 30° / + 70°
  • Chemical compatibility: oils, hydrocarbons, paints, varnishes and various chemical products, etc.

These retention tanks allow the storage of toxic and/or polluting products.

They can be used occasionally for the storage of so-called incompatible products but in the event of prolonged contact, check the condition of the material before any other use.

Container for decontamination equipment on site


  • Clean the floor as best as possible to remove gravel and avoid drilling when entering the equipment.
  • Unfold the bin completely over the entire surface of the floor
  • Insert the brackets into the sleeves around the outside of the tank
  • First assemble 3 sides, reposition the tray if necessary to avoid creases
  • Bring the material inside the bin
  • Insert the last brackets on the 4th side to close the tray
  • After the unloading operation, remove the brackets on the side which is in front of the material · Fold the PVC carefully towards the inside of the container and then take the material out
  • Remove the brackets on the other 3 sides and fold the bin NDO NOT FOLD THE TRAY WHILE LEAVING THE BRACKETS IN THE SHEATHS PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE
  • The ground must be stable (concrete or bitumen) and clean
  • Clean if necessary to avoid the presence of gravel or other objects that could perforate the tank
  • In the case of a deformed floor or in very poor condition: add foam, polystyrene or rubber plates to avoid interior and exterior punching

3 mm aluminum brackets - Insert bracket into an unfolded BRSO sleeve Drain valve


  • With integrated reinforcement brackets
  • Objective: containment of accidental spills of chemicals or hydrocarbons
  • The self-supporting retention basins with reinforcement plates are made in France, and the material is 100% recyclable.
  • Manufactured to desired dimensions.
  • It is a flexible and inexpensive solution for recovering liquids that harm the environment.
  • Allows the entry and exit of vehicles, the exterior foams are crushed when the wheels pass and then regain their shape.
  • Due to their weight and small folded dimensions, deployment is rapid (implementation by 1/2/3 or 4 people depending on model).

Material: polyester with a specific PVC coating.

Technical characteristics :

  • Basin made of 900 gr/m² PVC coated polyester fabric; with specific coating
  • Basin with reinforcement plates (25 or 30 cm high) trapped in sleeves welded to the basin (no assembly)
  • PE foam float Ø 75 mm around the entire periphery of the pool
  • The retention zone is created in just a few minutes after unfolding
  • Optional treads (PVC or reinforced) PVC protective strips Rubber reinforced protective strips

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