Collection: STAINLESS STEEL screen baskets (without manhole)

  • Oceania Environment offers you its range of stainless steel screen baskets:
  • The simple and effective solution for trapping more or less bulky materials and waste of all kinds contained in the intake channel of a hydraulic structure or at the pretreatment stage of domestic, agricultural or industrial wastewater, to allow their extraction then storage in a skip and evacuation to a treatment route.
  • This equipment (often associated with a de-oiling tank and a desanding system) prevents the entrainment of waste towards valves, turbine blades, filtration membranes or other vulnerable mechanisms.
  • A delay in cleaning the screens compromises the efficiency of hydraulic structures by degrading the inlet flow.

NB: you can order:

  • either just the screen basket (Our range includes several standard or tailor-made products (for coarse waste such as wood chips - for deep manholes with feet, etc.) - contact us.
  • either the 2: screen basket + collector sight - check the dimensions carefully and do not hesitate to ask us for advice!