Collection: Preparation of treatments: Oceania ENVIRONMENT selection

Oceania ENVIRONMENT offers you a range of mixers and accessories for the efficient and safe preparation of your phytopharmaceutical treatments (porridges) and other accessories:

The preparation of your porridge must be carried out:

  • respecting safety standards
  • and also so as to optimize the effectiveness of treatments and mixtures (powders)
  • and therefore optimize their purchase cost.

It must operate safely in the event of overflow or accidental pollution:

Filling can be done by a column/filling arm (single or double (with washing) of dimensions adapted to your equipment.

The products must be stored securely in phyto rooms, in phyto cabinets or on phyto shelves (discover our equipment HERE)

You should also protect yourself with PPE HERE


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 03 68 33 37 12 or via our contact form to carry out your tailor-made project or find the product adapted to your needs and your budget.