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Oil separator alarm

Oil separator alarm

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Hydrocarbon alarm AH 230 Volts (can be used on a hydrocarbon separator for example)

Audible and visual alarm to detect a level of hydrocarbons. ATEX certified.
Feed :
The alarm is powered by 230 V single-phase current.

Benefits :
The AH alarm is used to signal:
a level of hydrocarbons in association with the probe supplied with the box, a fault via a dry contact, a break in the probe cable, a short-circuit or a probe fault.

Functioning :
This visual and audible alarm includes a box and a probe.
Hydrocarbon level detection:
The probe measures the electrical conductivity of the surrounding liquid, water being a much better conductor than hydrocarbons. When the probe, positioned at the predefined level in the treatment device, is in contact with hydrocarbons, the alarm is triggered.
The probe is designed to be installed in zone 0.

Default reporting:
This terminal block is provided for the possible connection of a remote signaling device (type TEL010 or TEL020 as an option).

The failure alarm :
In the event of a probe cable break, short circuit or broken probe, the alarm will sound.

Please note that the box must be placed outside the hazardous area.

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