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BAZOOKA gas cannon bird repellent scarer - mechanical

BAZOOKA gas cannon bird repellent scarer - mechanical

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BAZOOKA gas cannon bird repellent scarer

Description of the repellent scaring gas cannon:

The mechanical BAZOOKA gas scarer is a propane gas scarer with piezoelectric ignition. Its manufacture is the result of in-depth research on the study and behavior of birds.

BAZOOKA bird scarers are equipment intended to scare away predatory birds.

Features :

EFFECTIVE: The standard gas scarer cannon is one of the means of scaring away animal species (volatile, mammals, etc.) that wish to seize plants, seeds and other seeds present in your environment.

SIMPLE & QUICK : The mechanical BAZOOKA makes the site to be protected inhospitable for crop predatory birds. Its implementation is simple and fast. This scaring device has been validated by INRA services as an effective means of combating bird invasions.

PROTECTS YOUR CROPS FOR A LONG TIME: The BAZOOKA mechanical scarer cannon has the particularity of having a protective shell in polyester fiber which protects the entire mechanism, this development contributes to greater reliability over time.

APPLICATION DOMAIN : Ideal for protecting field crops during sowing and before harvest (corn, peas, sunflowers, cereals, vines etc,,,) It can be placed to protect aquaculture ponds, ponds invaded by cormorants, It can be used to protect industrial sites

Technical characteristics :

  • Gas consumption: 25,000 detonations with a 13kg propane gas bottle.
  • Protected area: 4000 m2.
  • Sound level:119dB.
  • Time setting: Between 2 and 20 minutes.
  • Working pressure: 0.4Bar.
  • Dimensions: 15x97x52cm.
  • Weight: 6Kg.

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