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UVEX K2 noise canceling headphones

UVEX K2 noise canceling headphones

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Description of the UVEX noise canceling headphones:

State-of-the-art protection and flawless design , the new uvex K2 earmuffs have everything to convince: thanks to their soft surface , the shell is very comfortable and their light weight guarantees optimum wearing comfort .

The Uvex K range offers you effective hearing protection with impressive attenuation of external sounds.

Use of the UVEX K2 ear muffs:

Easy to put at the right height with the shells that can slide on the upper rods.

Uvex i-gonomics technology: the construction of this PPE (personal protective equipment) product perfectly combines the key aspects of safety with exceptional ergonomics.

Great advantage of these helmets: comfort .

The foam used by the K2 helmet is said to be "memory": the user's comfort is thus certain thanks to extra-soft foam earpads, adapting perfectly to the user. Perfect for extended use.

This aspect of comfort is further underlined by a light weight and the padding of the headband. The headband is padded for optimal comfort .

Features :

  • earmuff with height adjustment
  • lightness and low volume of the shells
  • compliant with standard NF EN 352-1
  • isolation 32dB – H: 37dB, M: 29dB, L: 21dB
  • easily height adjustable for the perfect wearing position
  • padded headband for optimum wearing comfort
  • padded shells made of extra soft memory foam for pleasant wearing comfort, even during prolonged use.

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