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Combi - 2 butterfly valves coupled with connection

Combi - 2 butterfly valves coupled with connection

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  • The Combi combines two quick-acting butterfly valves and mating connection into one compact unit
  • Its high quality and high performance make this product the ideal choice for industrial applications requiring precise flow control.
  • Coupling the valves into a single unit allows for easier, more cost-effective installation and provides smooth, precise control.

Description :

Specific assembly of 2 valves with a single control called “combi-valves” (both
original controls are coupled), to allow the effluent to be directed differently
phytosanitary products and rainwater.
When one valve is fully open, the second is closed. An indexed safety allows the control to be correctly positioned.
• Stainless steel structure
• Delivered assembled for high pressure PVC tube 110
• Female end • DN 11 0

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