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WeePro Max Green Disposable Coverall

WeePro Max Green Disposable Coverall

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Description of the disposable coverall:

The WeePro Max Green disposable phytosanitary protection suit Category III is designed for protection against hazardous substances and contamination by products or people.

It is typically used to help protect agricultural workers against a wide range of chemical and biological hazards. type 4 (tight against aerosols), type 5 (tight against solid particles) and type 6 (tight against liquid splashes) .

The coverall therefore protects workers during the handling and application of phytosanitary products in open fields as well as in greenhouses: in viticulture, field crops, horticulture, aquaculture , livestock farming, etc.*

Features :

Taped seams impervious to liquid and aerosol splashes.
Material treated antistatic on both sides facilitating the dissipation of electrostatic charges.
Chin strap for optimal fit around a full face respirator.
Elastic at the wrists, ankles and waist for a better fit.
Standardized against radioactive particles.
Standard against biological risks.

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