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PLANT EFFLUENT SCREEN - price on request

PLANT EFFLUENT SCREEN - price on request

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  •  The elevator screen is used to remove suspended matter in wastewater from urban or industrial treatment plants.
  • It is a simple device, capable of extracting large quantities of materials for a very low investment and operating cost.
  • It is robust and has a very long lifespan when ordinary maintenance operations are correctly carried out. Combined with a waste screw compactor and a bagger, it can significantly reduce volumes and therefore removal costs.
  • Furthermore, in this latter configuration, operators are better protected against accidental contact with residues.
  • The multiple dimensional versions available, in length (up to 10m) and width (up to 2m), allow you to choose the appropriate model for each application.


PRICE ON REQUEST: ex 22754.85€ excl. VAT for stainless steel lifting screen - dimensions: height 3m - grid width: 0.25 m - 0.5mm mesh - scraper holder equipped with stainless steel wire brushes alternated with rubber flaps - electric safety key on top cover - stainless steel box to bury - dimensions: length: 1500 mm x width: 400 mm x height: 1200mm - electrical box supplied

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